Myee Quail Farm is proud to be a third generation family owned business.

Myee Quail Farm

Welcome to Myee Quail Farm.

Nestled amongst the lush pastures of the Riverina Region just north of Griffith, Myee Quail Farm is a third-generation, family owned and operated business. From humble beginnings in 1978, selling to local families, Myee Quail Farm has grown to distribute a variety of products Australia-wide, becoming one of the top Japanese quail suppliers in Australia.

Myee Quail Farm operates based on a holistic farming approach. We make our own specially formulated feed and incubate, hatch, rear, and process the quails on site to ensure the finest quality end products.

Good eggs come in small shells.

A unique quail farm Legacy

Myee Quail Farm was founded in 1978 by Antonio and Maria Sergi. Fast forward to today and their three sons, Sam, Don and Glen, and grandchildren Anthony and Maree, all work to continue the family legacy.

Our Legacy

Australia wide quail supplier

From humble beginnings in 1978, Myee Quail Farm has grown to become one of Australia’s top Japanese quail producers. In that time we have refined our offering and are proud to distribute a variety of high-quality quail products Australia-wide.

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